About Us


Our Mission

To develop, implement and evaluate effective physical activity interventions in clinical settings for optimal individual and population health, and to advance our global understanding of the long-term health impacts of physical activity and sport.

Our Vision

Research with impact for an active, healthy world.

Our Goals:


Design human-centred solutions for physical activity, health and mobility across the lifespan


Provide knowledge exchange tailored to diverse end-users


Develop innovative implementation strategies to link education, patient-centred outcome measures, and best clinical practice

Our Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Our objective is to nurture a diverse and inclusive environment for our Lab, as well as the broader sports and exercise medicine (SEM) community. We will actively and intentionally fight racism and all forms of intolerance and seek to provide opportunity and mentorship for those who can bring distinct perspectives through their expertise, academic backgrounds, and lived experiences. We will support and facilitate EDI at all levels of the scientific process and wherever possible, integrate accessibility best practices.

We support: